BIG PACK is is a compact, rugged housing for heavy duty service. With AVC´s  BIG PACK  there is always enough power available and with the optional LCD monitor you are always on the safer side. The LED monitor shows the exact voltage of the power pack and when the equipment is in standby or running mode, under load. 
Either for camera or for lighting equipment  BIG PACKS are optional available with upto 4 XLR connectors and with two different voltages to power either camera or light.  BIG PACKS are available with  built-in charger WR-900-xx and optional with deep-discharge protection or with dimmer control with deep discharge protection.   
BIG PACKS have a built-in thermal detector to protect the batteries against overcharge. 

BIG PACK's  are available in dual voltage mode up to 14,4V/28Ah - 28,8V/14Ah.
The voltage will be preselected by a rotating 3-step switch. 
Additional there are two versions of the standard BIG PACK housings which are also provided for a simultaneous dual power supply.

BIG PACK XL are available with simultaneous dual power supply (e.g. 28,8V/28Ah + 13V simultaneous)
In simultaneous dual voltage mode two devices with a different voltage can be powered by a BIG PACK XL.
e.g. camera by 28V and monitor or other accessories by 13V.

5428283 BIG PACK XL 28,8V/28Ah (800Wh) + 13V simultaneous  



BIG PACK housings are made from polyethylene material and are shock proofed. The top and bottom of the housing is mounted on a 2mm
 aluminium  frame, which protects the batteries and all parts against demage. Optional these power packs are available either with deep discharge
 protection or with dimmer control with deep discharge protection and additional with a LCD monitor. It is available either with 3-, 4-or 5-pin XLR



The batteries are stored in shock proofed polyethylene housings. The batteries which are built-in are typical selected industrial high performance batteries. BIG PACKS have a built-in thermal detector, which protects the batteries additional against overcharge.


AVC BIG PACKS are optional available with different electronics. To protect the batteries against deep discharge, there is available the built-in DEEP DISCHARGE PROTECTION or the DIMMER  CONTROL WITH DEEP DISCHARGE PROTECTION.   


AVC BIG PACKS are available with built-in charger  WR900-xx or TWIN WR900-xx The charging cable is stored in the BIG PACK housing.  


Of course, we can supply you with external battery chargers, which are for recharge of AVC POWER BELTS and POWER PACKS. The external battery chargers can also recharge foreign made batteries. The specification you will find in TECHTALK of WR900-xx or TWIN WR900-xx charger.


AVC BIG PACKS are available with 3-/4- or 5-pin XLR connector.  BIG PACKS comes with  2 x XLR connector (without surcharge). The 30V BIG PACK type is available with one XLR connector, only.


AVC BIG PACKS with built-in charger and either with deep discharge protection or with dimmer control with deep discharge protection are with a 3-step position switch. To operate the camera or the light,  switch to position BATT and for recharge with the built-in charger switch to position IC (internal charge).  If recharging with an external battery charger switch to position EXC (external charge).   


  Daylight under water!